Apple iPhone 16 Rumors: everything we know so far

A revolution in display size 

     According to analyst Ross Young, the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max may have a larger display: 16 Pro — 6.27 inches, 16 Pro Max — 6.86 inches.

     Most likely, the changes will affect only the Pro versions, and the basic models will retain the same dimensions as the basic iPhone 15. 

The highlight of the program is the iPhone 16 Ultra

    The iPhone 16 series may be replenished with the premium iPhone 16 Ultra. The smartphone will be a special offer from Apple with a larger screen, a more powerful telephoto lens, and a capacious battery. It is also likely that the device will not have any physical buttons.

Solid-state buttons

    According to rumors, Apple plans to equip its sixteenth-generation smartphones with solid-state buttons. What are they?

     Solid-state buttons provide tactile feedback that imitates the sensations we normally associate with mechanical buttons. Tactile vibration is used to simulate pressing.

     This semiconductor technology can be seen in the Touch ID Home button in the iPhone SE, as well as in the trackpad in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

     Since this technology does not require mechanics, it can improve the moisture and dust protection of smartphones.

The action button 

    There is information that in 2024, the entire iPhone 16 series will receive an updated capacitive action button, which will replace the standard one and provide haptic feedback when pressed. It is not yet clear for what purposes it will be used.

Apple-designed 5G modem 

     Since 2019, Apple has been working on developing its own cellular chip, which will allow it to end its cooperation with Broadcom and Qualcomm.

     The first 5G modems will likely debut in the new iPhone 16 next year.

The А18 processor

    The iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus are expected to be equipped with the A17 Pro chip. At the same time, Jeff Pu believes that Apple will replace the name «A17» with «A18» and «A18 Pro».

The USB-C port

    Considering that the USB-C port has already appeared in the iPhone 15, the sixteenth version will 100% use it, except for the 16 Ultra version.

     There are rumors that the Ultra will have a portless design. Data transfer and charging will be carried out via MagSafe or other similar technology.

Under-display Face ID

     The iPhone 16 Pro could get an under-display Face ID system. What does it mean?

  • More space

  • No need for a full Dynamic Island

     Analyst Ross Young is confident that such an update will not appear until 2025.


     Some sources claim that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a 48 MP wide-angle camera with an 8-piece hybrid lens (2 glass elements and 6 plastic ones) and improvements for ultra-wide and telephoto lenses.

     In addition, periscope telephoto lenses may appear in Pro models.

     Also, there are rumors that in the basic versions of the iPhone 16, we will see a vertical camera layout like the iPhone 12.

More capacious battery

     Rumors continue to swirl around the iPhone 16 Pro battery. Apple may use multi-layer battery technology in the Pro versions, which will lead to higher capacity and longer life.

     The multi-layer battery can support 40W fast wired charging and 20W MagSafe wireless charging.

Release date

     The announcement of the new iPhone 16 series is expected in September 2024, but there are no official statements from Apple yet.

     Dear readers, insider information is periodically updated and tracks it. As soon as new information about the iPhone 16 comes out, you will know about it immediately. Takes care of you.

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