The new iPhones will not have the usual controls. What does it mean?

What is known about the innovation in the future iPhone 16?

    There are rumors that Advanced Semiconductor Engineering has been contracted to make System-in-Package (SiP) chips that will replace the physical buttons in the iPhone 16.

     The new buttons will use capacitive technology, which means they may have additional functions.

     Taptic Engine — Apple's patented vibration motor technology will provide haptic feedback. This way, users will feel a response to their actions.

     Many sources have confirmed that the Volume buttons, Action Button, as well as the Capture button will be replaced with capacitive variations. The Power button will likely remain physical.

What will this innovation do?

     This novelty is expected to give users an intuitive and smooth experience with the phone.

     In addition, the presence of capacitive buttons will significantly affect the durability and water resistance of the smartphone. Fewer seams and holes will make the iPhone 16 more resistant to various external factors.

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