MacRumors: iPhone 16 Pro will have improved photographic specifications

iPhone 16 Pro Max will receive an improved sensor in the main camera

     According to a report from MacRumors, Apple is going to improve the sensor in the main camera. It is expected to be more advanced and larger than the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

    This is very important because the race for more megapixels in a photo will be pointless without increasing the pixels of the gadget itself.

    Larger pixels can absorb more light. This is why a sensor with the same number of pixels, but a larger size, will perform better.

    The report also claims that the Pro Max will become a “brand flagship” this year. It will feature a multi-layer design that offers high performance, improved noise control, and an analog-to-digital converter.

    The sensor size is expected to increase by 12% (to 1/1.14 inch). This improves background blur for bokeh effects, improves low-light performance, and provides greater dynamic range.

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