It became known what kind of artificial intelligence the iPhone 16 will receive

Apple is creating AI for the iPhone. Who will the company enter into a partnership with: Google or Baidu?

     Apple will focus on AI processing on devices and in the cloud.

     Undoubtedly, CEO Tim Cook and his team will take advantage of Apple's reputation for storing large amounts of data on a smartphone for local processing.

     The company is known to plan a partnership with Google to use Gemini (a generative AI service). Although Google developed and promotes the Android OS, this does not prevent Apple from collaborating with it.

     However, Google Gemini is not available in China, so Apple will have to find an alternative. It is reported that the Apple giant has already begun negotiations with the Chinese company Baidu on the implementation of its cloud AI services in the future iOS 18 and iPhone 16.

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commented on May 31, 2024, 11:50 AM

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