iPhone 16 will get a powerful processor, more RAM

Powerful processor and even more RAM

     It's no secret that iOS 18 will show many new AI-related features. To ensure smooth operation of the smartphone, Apple will integrate a processor with a high level of performance into the iPhone 16.

    To eliminate operational problems, the company will increase the amount of RAM not only in Pro models, but also in basic ones.

What processor will the iPhone 16 get?

     The smartphone will be based on the new Apple A18 Pro chipset. According to Jeff Pu, the company has already increased its chip purchases.

    The Apple A18 Pro differs from the A17 Pro in its larger die area. This is necessary in order to implement peripheral AI.

     The fact is that Apple wants some of the calculations for the neural network to be carried out not on servers, but directly on the smartphone. This will reduce dependence on the Internet and its speed, and data will begin to be processed faster.

There will be more RAM

     Also, the basic models will receive an increase in RAM capacity and will be equal to the Pro versions:

  • iPhone 16 — 8 GB

  • iPhone 16 Plus — 8 GB

  • iPhone 16 Pro — 8 GB

  • iPhone 16 Pro Max — 8 GB

     Apparently, Apple is confident that 8 GB should be enough for all AI-based functions for iPhones.

     Perhaps it would be worthwhile to install at least 12 GB of RAM? What do you think about it?

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