iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max tipped for big camera upgrades

Here are the latest rumors about the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max

     A new rumor about the sensational 16th lineup of Apple iPhone has leaked to the network.

     According to the insider, Ovo Baby Saice OvO, the iPhone 16 Pro Max version will get a camera with an improved 48-megapixel Sony IMX903 sensor. While the iPhone 16 Pro will be equipped with the same 48 MP IMX803 sensor as the current iPhone 15 Pro models have.

Features of the 48 MP camera

     The source claims that the newest camera will capture more light, which will provide better quality photos when shooting in 0.5x mode in low-light conditions.

     The IMX903 sensor in the iPhone 16 Pro Max will introduce advanced features like:

  • Multi-layer design for increased productivity

  • 14-bit A/D converter for high-quality image data conversion

  • Adjusting the dynamic range

  • Noise control

     If this is true, the iPhone 16 Pro models will be able to shoot ProRAW in Ultra Wide mode.

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