All iPhone 16 models will receive the A18 processor

A18 will appear not only on Pro! All iPhone 16 will receive the same processor

     There are rumors that Apple plans to use one series of A18 chipsets for all iPhone 16 models. Why is this necessary?

     This strategy will allow Apple to change the differentiation between the basic versions of the iPhone and the Pro, the essence of which is as follows:

  • Basic models get last year's chip from Pro versions

  • The Pro gets a new, more powerful processor

What is A18?

     The A18 chips, like the A17 Pro, will be manufactured by TSMC. They will be equipped with an improved neural processing unit or NPU. This is important considering that iOS 18 will provide access to the latest AI-powered features.

     It is also assumed that the iPhone 16 models will be equipped with the Wi-Fi 7 standard, which will provide a connection without delays.

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